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Postpartum Family Education 

Postpartum Family Education 

I offer the INNATE Postpartum Care Planning for the Fourth Trimester course, designed for mothers, fathers, families, and friends supporting the new mother and baby. This course emphasizes essential physiological postpartum care, empowering communities with the knowledge and understanding necessary to support mothers and babies effectively. The core purpose of postpartum care is to promote lifelong health and vitality for mothers, which is at the foundation of sustainable families and communities. 

This course will tend to the five pillars of INNATE Postpartum care; Rest, Warmth, Nutrient-dense food, Body-work and Community. Through this course, participants to be well resourced to create thourough postpartum care plans. It will also offer an opportunity for families to better understand the needs and wishes of the birthing mother for this sacred life initiation.

This course is offered in-person (when possible) or online. It is to be completed before 35 weeks gestation. It consists of 5 x two-hour sessions. The investment is $500 CAD. 

Please reach out for additional details. 

Postpartum Care and Rituals 

Postpartum Family Education 

Parenting and ReParenting 
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