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I am willing for women to experience a nurturing postpartum environment, and to have loving support during the the childbearing continuum.

I am willing for Mothers to feel seen and heard, resourced, and celebrated.

I am willing to work 1:1 with Mothers who feel aligned with my approach and my beliefs and want to explore their full Motherhood potential. 

what are you willing for? 

I want to offer valuable resources to facilitate the journey toward reconnecting with your authentic self and remembering the many joys of Motherhood. 

what do you want?

I am not here to heal you I am here to hold you. I am here to listen to you. To support you in attuning what your needs and wants are. I am here to receive your reality with empathy, to receive your emotions with empathy. To guide you into your body and to offer tools and resources. 

If this resonates with you I am so willing to connect and see if we are a good fit to work together.

My approach is a tapestry of the profound wisdom imparted and landed by my teachers and mentors and the remembrance channeled through my own journey of inner work. I believe in the potential for loving empowerment that resides within all of us. My commitment is to provide a nurturing environment and valuable resources to facilitate the journey toward reconnecting with our authentic selves, guided by empathy and integrity.

As an Aware Parenting instructor in training, I am committed to sharing about this incredibly valuable approach and, as I see it, lifestyle. I also love to weave in what I have been learning in Psychospiritual Parenting, part of The Marion Method (Marion Rose Ph.D.) and Natural Learning (Joss Goulden and Marion Rose Ph.D., (both level 2 Aware Parenting Instructors). Additionally, I have been resourced by the incredible teachings of Rachelle Garcia in The Innate Traditions Postpartum Care program and Physiological Baby Care. I also acknowledge Silvia Urbani, Beebe Dericks & Maria Maldonado (Innate Traditions), all three of whom I have received such an abundance of wisdom in many areas of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, women's health, baby and child care, and rites of passage. As of recently, I have engaged in learning with Carley Rae Beaudry in unraveling and relearning the female pelvis. I also acknowledge Sofiah Thom, creator of Temple Body Arts, as my most profound teacher in the feminine healing arts. Her work has had a great impact on my path. Finally, I acknowledge my beloved Mentor, Kylie Piggott (a Marion Method mentor), who has been by my side, hand in hand with me for the past two years, and provides me with the most incredible support and guidance in listening to myself and fortifying my inner and outer loving worlds with grace and joy. 


I honor both the light and the darkness. I believe that within the darkness live precious jewels, which, once unearthed, enable us to harness the full power of the light.

I am devoted to lovingly liberating myself from the impression of the domination culture while fortifying the foundation of my innate blueprint. 


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